Five Tips On How To Care For Your Phalaenopsis Orchids

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Phalaenopsis orchids are known for their quite exquisite and elegant blooms. They are easy houseplants to care for and can also be used for gifting. However, there are some important do’s and don’ts to follow when taking care of this pretty flowering species to ensure healthy growth. They will need the right temperature and proper maintenance to keep them thriving for many seasons. To help you keep your orchids blooming at every stage of their life, Flowers by Terry has listed five on how to care for your Phalaenopsis orchids. Keep reading to know what they are.

Tip #1: Don’t use ice cubes

Try not to use ice cubes while watering your orchids. Most store-bought orchids are prone to overwatering and slow seeping of ice water may lead to overwatering that could rot out the roots quickly. For this reason, ask your florist how you need to water your orchids.

Tip #2: Keep them in a plastic container

Another way to care for your orchid plant is to keep it in a plastic container and every two weeks let the roots soak in lukewarm water then let it sit to drain. 

Tip #3: Replace the original container

It’s advisable to replace the original container of your plant. Choose a pot a little bigger and be gentle with the roots. Give your orchids some room to move around.

Tip #4: Keep away from sunlight when flowering

When your orchid is in flower, keep it away from direct sunlight. Keep it in a cooler location. It will help maintain the blooms for a longer period. You may also cut the stem below the flowers to use in a vase or floral arrangement. They do hold up nicely.

Tip #5: Maintain humidity and bright light

Once the orchid is done flowering, maintain the humidity and bright light. Find out from your florist about the right amount of sunlight and temperature for it to thrive and grow.

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