Five Tips To Care For Phalaenopsis Orchids

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Phalaenopsis Orchids, commonly known as moth orchids, are the most elegant plants that make a gorgeous addition to any home or office. These thick-leaved plants are hugely popular among new orchid growing enthusiasts as they come with minimal maintenance. They are not demanding, and in the right conditions, they will display blooms for months. However, as a beginner to gardening or as a new plant owner, it is crucial to learn how to care for a phalaenopsis orchid. You need to provide these plants with the right balance between humidity, temperature, light, and airflow. To help you grow these long-lasting blossoms, Flowers by Terry has listed below five tips to care for your Phalaenopsis orchids.

Tip #1: Avoid direct sunlight
Phalaenopsis Orchids should be placed in moderate light. Direct sunlight (perhaps from a south-facing window) is too intense for these delicate plants. Putting them further away from a south-facing window will help them thrive.

Tip #2: Maintain the ideal temperature
Room temperatures up to 25C (77F) are ideal for Phalaenopsis orchids. When the plant has lost all its flowers and the old flower spikes are cut off, colder temperatures (that is 18C or 64F) will encourage new flower spikes to grow.

Tip #3: Water them appropriately
Watering is best done once a week for the larger size Phalaenopsis orchids (that is five inches). You can water your Phalaenopsis orchids every four to five days if they are of a smaller size (that is three and a half inches). You could also submerge the plant in water, either in a sink or simply in its decorative pot. Fifteen minutes of submersion is sufficient to saturate the potting medium. Just ensure to drain out all excess water and empty the decorative pot before placing the plant back in it.

Tip #4: Don’t damp the roots
Orchids don’t like to sit in water as they need to have air available to their roots. As a result, you must make sure that the decorative pot they are in does not have any water collected over time.

Tip #5: Take proper care when re-blooming
When the Orchid loses its flowers, cut the stem(s) off just above the lowest bract. A bract is a ring around the stem, and it has the potential to produce a new flower spike. It is recommended to move the plant to a space with a lower temperature to encourage reblooming.

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